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RidRx was founded to bring the highest quality equipment to medical professionals with the goal of reducing infectious disease.  We are actively developing a line of products which will be of great use to medical professionals as they are treating patients on a daily basis. We seek to help control the avenues of infection, reducing the spread of infectious disease and the tragic deaths caused by them.

Blaine Warkentine M.D. 

Hello, I don't have all the answers. Just a few reasonably good thoughts. I want to make a difference. I think we should attempt to find some simple solutions to the most pressing issues of today's healthcare.

It has always amazed me that we have become so cavalier with the use of personal items as we go to work in today's hospitals.  It is true that hospital acquired infections are the number one morbidity expense to the hospital and yet the devices that we carry around have been know to harbor bacteria. 

In the 90's we spoke of stethoscopes and neck ties, in early 00's we would speak of lab coats and hands, and in the coming years we will be speaking about devices.  It is time now to do something about these items.  It does not have to be expensive nor difficult.

The antimicrobial technology is one thing but what about using these devices to communicate the hand hygiene and infection control message.  This is what RidRx is here for. 

Join me in this effort.  We will be supporting a nationwide campaign with the joint commission to further awareness.  We will be doing research on antimicrobial surface agents and their effect on clinical use and effectiveness and the best way to support this effort is to use our products and tell your friends about them. 

Julia Fullerton

Co-Founder and Sales for the Mountain Region

I Grew up in colorful Colorado and spent my collegiate years at the University of Colorado, Boulder, beneath the beautiful Flatirons.  After attaining my Bachelors Degree in Information Systems, I spent my career supporting conglomerates the likes of IBM and Sun Microsystems.  The opportunity RidRx has presented me has allowed me to find a greater cause.  I am so excited to now launch something bigger...a mission to help fight and prevent disease and infection, and furthermore save lives.  My goal is to heighten awareness in our communities and deter bacteria and illness from our children, our friends, and our families.  Together we can do wonders by utilizing the technologies that RidRx has explored and provided to treat our daily-use devices, as well as our everyday household items.

Chris Fullerton

Co-Founder of RidRx,

Past experiences include Performing Due Diligence and Financial Analysis on Potential Business Opportunities

Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Mentoring a High Caliber Team of Employees

Initiating Policies and Procedures that Promote Excellence in Products, Service and Safety

 Implementing Strategies to Control Costs, Waste and Labor

Applying Marketing and Advertising Tactics to Promote Revenues and Growth

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